Groupon Makes a Complete Fool of itself

It’s easy to get away when people make fool of you. But when you make fool of yourself- Boy! Where can you go hiding?

Groupon, the most popular deal-of-the-day website, has made a spectacle of itself by tampering the MSRP of Google Nexus as $260, instead of the stated $199. A post on reddit exposed the delusionary tactic adopted by Groupon to lure in more users by hiking up the price-tag to $260, while the brand new piece was sold at $199 on Play Store.nogroupon

If that wasn’t enough, Groupon is offering a refurbished piece instead of a new one. So, you’re saving only 5% on the deal instead of the exaggerated 30%, and that too, you’re not getting a brand new piece, which you could have got straight from Google had you paid $10 more.

To cut it short, Groupon’s so-called-deal was to sell a refurbished Google Nexus 16 GB model for 10$ less than the brand new price. We don’t understand who actually is getting a deal here.

This is what a Groupon executive said to the person who brought this issue to light.

“The value and discount percentage listed on each deal reflect the regular full price for that product or service. If the business offers other temporary discounts or decides to change their standard pricing after their deal is featured, the relative savings and value might change.”

The truth, however, is that the prices of Google Nexus 16 GB has not changed since a long time ago. Even when it was launched, the price of the 16 GB model was $249, which dropped down to $199, months ago. However, Groupon executives were reluctant about accepting the fact that this was a grievous mistake from their side. This is what the Groupon executive clarified in further correspondence of the issue:

“List prices may be based on a survey of other online merchants, tied to a particular merchant’s current or former price, or suggested by either the manufacturer or our supplier. It is not necessarily representative of current prices of other online merchants or the prevailing retail price in every area”

There’s a difference between comitting an honest mistake, and begrudging that you never did one. This a rare case of chicanery that tampers the MSRP set by the manufacturer itself. There’s no way Groupon can justify the fallacy except accepting it.

If you think this is a repugnant tactic used by Groupon, you can pull your sleeves up, and ask the questions yourself. Here’s an open discussion on the highly infuriating issue.

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