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Developers Claim Apple is Testing Their Apps on iOS 7 With a Mysterious New iPhone


The Apple iPhone creates quite a lot of buzz when it comes close to launch, and that has been the case with any iPhone that launched after the first gen iPhone back in 2007. Most of these are mere speculations, while in some cases there will be circumstantial evidence to confirm a feature or two of the next iDevice. The developers have a key role to play in the iOS ecosystem as devs are the ones who keep the platform running. And according to a new revelation, developers are claiming that Apple has been testing their apps on the next major version of iOS i.e. iOS 7 and also with the iPhone 6. The device being tested apparently goes by the name iPhone 6.1, which makes sense given that the iPhone 5 before release was known as the iPhone 5.1 and 5.2. The info was spotted on app usage logs by the developers.

It goes without saying that Apple could in fact be developing a new iPhone for a launch in Q3 this year, but that doesn’t quite prove that what developers claim to be the iPhone 6 is indeed that. What’s interesting is that the IP address of the data comes from Apple’s Cupertino campus, which could well mean that what the developers saw was real.  We can know more about this as the days progress, but all in all this has been a great start to 2013 with the rumor mill picking up pace already. The Apple WWDC 2013 event will shed more light on Apple’s plans for the future of iOS and iPhones. There have been rumors pointing towards a quick iPhone refresh, which we can easily rule out.

It will be interesting to see what changes Apple will make with iOS 7, especially if there will be any new UI elements being added. Because ever since iOS 5, the platform hasn’t seen a major revamp of any sort. We can all learn from Google’s example which made the jump from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 to substantially improve the performance. No doubt the current iteration of iOS is smooth as it is, but it would never hurt a platform to make it even more enjoyable. As for the iPhone 6 reference by the devs, I don’t think we should pay too much heed to it and it could well be a very early prototype, considering the fact that the iPhone 5 has been available for a little over three months now.

Source: TNW
Via: Phone Arena

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