Deal: HTC Droid DNA Now Available For As Low As $120


We do not like to go on and on about HTC’s poor showing in the market, especially considering it has a few game changing smartphones up its sleeves (read: the HTC M7). But despite that we just can’t stress enough on how well the company would do if its company gets the right exposure. But in some cases, even that doesn’t quite cut it for the Taiwanese manufacturer. The company recently launched the American variant of the J Butterfly on Verizon in the form of the Droid DNA. It was the country’s first smartphone to feature a 1080p display (441 ppi). That’s a pretty big deal considering the things one could do with the gorgeous Super LCD 3 display combined by the sleek body and the standard array of HTC specific features (ImageSense camera, Beats Audio etc). However, with the Samsung Galaxy Note II in the market, very few people went in favor of the Droid DNA, which is disappointing really. However, retailers have now decided to make the device more appealing to potential buyers. How? Well, by taking the obvious price reduction route.

Amazon Wireless is selling the Droid DNA for $150 on a two year contract, which is a good discount off the standard $200 price tag. However, the contract will require you to shell out $80 every month, so be on guard for that. There’s a better deal available on which is selling the Droid DNA for just $120, with the same $80 per month plan. So while you can get the premium HTC flagship for a little under $150 now, the carrier will pretty much make up for it with monthly rentals. Interestingly, the Droid DNA is still priced at $200 with a two year contract on Verizon’s website, so I’m not sure if it will have any takers considering the kind of deals other retailers are offering.

The smartphone has its own struggles to deal with in the American market. Despite being on the country’s largest 4G LTE network, the Droid DNA has a few unavoidable shortcomings. For one, the device with its brilliant 1080p display has only 16GB of onboard storage. So if you were to test the display’s potential by trying to add a Full HD movie or two, your storage will fill up in no time. And bear in mind, there will be tons of HD games on offer too. So that basically in my opinion is a major setback for the Droid DNA, but besides that the smartphone is a delight. Yes, the size of the battery could have been a little better, but users aren’t complaining much about it anyways. Let’s hope HTC rectifies these issues with future versions of the smartphone, until then it will have to come in second to devices like the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III.

Source: LetsTalk, Amazon Wireless
Via: GSM Arena

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  1. the reason no one bit on the the DNA is because Verizon hamstrung the phone by taking out the Micro SD card the Butterfly had, forcing you to use cloud storage and more data on their expensive capped plans. Even though it is the best specked phone, people are sick of Verizon’s nickle and dime schemes.

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