Control your Android from your Desktop with SnapPea

unnamedSmartphones are attractive, but they’re also very distracting.

I always wanted an app that somehow magically tied up my smartphone and computer, so that I can manage my smartphone without taking mine eyes off the laptop. Well, my wish has been granted. Thanks to SnapPea, a recently released Android app, that ties up your desktop and smartphone, thereby allowing to you to organize your contacts, send messages, and transfer pictures/ music/ files in the blink of an eye.

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s very much like an ‘iTunes’ for Android. Though there are applications that let you transfer files, organize contacts and send text messages, but the problem is that they’re all discrete applications. They have to be installed separately on one’s computer. Also, every application had a different way of connecting to your phone. Some connected through Wi-Fi, some through Bluetooth, while some connected wirelessly by using packet-data.

When using SnapPea, you can either connect your phone via an USB cable or you can pair it over Wi-Fi. Once the device is paired, you can tinker your Android from your Windows. You can read, organize and update your phone contacts. You can send, read, and delete messages without touching your phone. You can also install apps on your phone without logging into Play Store. You can also move stuff like music, videos or other files to your smartphone from your computer. Everything mentioned above is accessible through SnapPea’s simplified interface.

The concept adopted by SnapPea is not new. Previously, many applications have been launched to facilitate communication between two widely different platforms.

For instance, AirDroid for Android that allows users to connect their smartphones to laptops works through a web interface is any day better than SnapPea as it offers cross-platform support, but there are some features that are supported by SnapPea and not available on AirDroid. Performance-wise, both the apps are equivalent, but features wise, SnapPea has a slight edge. Besides, we found SnapPea simpler to use than AirDroid.

SnapPea launched for Android is compatible only with Windows based laptops. To install SnapPea on your Windows computer, click here. The Android application can thereby be downloaded from the official Google Play Store.

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