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Codename leaks reveal HTC is planning to release 20 smartphone/tablet models in 2013

Taiwanese smartphone-maker HTC must have seen better opportunities in 2013. The most recent leaks suggest the company is planning to release around 20 new device models this year including the rumored HTC M7. Some of the models may be incremental upgrades of last year’s model but majority of the leaked codenames are new devices. Other models have more variants than others.

Here is the list of the models believed to be released this year.


CP3D (3 variants)

Deluxe (3 variants)






K2 (3 variants)


M7 (8 variants)

Monaco (3 variants)






Quattro (2 variants)



Last week, we’ve reported about HTC M7. We believe it is going to be HTC’s flagship for 2013. While the leak does not prove anything yet, it suggests previous rumors may be true about the device. The list shows M7 having up to 8 variants; it means that there would be several carriers to offer the device not to mention international variants.

Last year, despite Mark Zuckerberg’s denial of the rumored “Facebook phone,” we’ve started hearing about OPERA_UL being the model of the smartphone named after the social network. While rumors were slowly dissolved following HTC’s revelation of its financial troubles last year, many tech enthusiasts believe Facebook is going to launch its own smartphone.

Other codenames that sound familiar are Evita, also known as One XL; Deluxe, otherwise known as Butterfly; and, K2 a.k.a. One SV. The Primominiu is believed to be an incremental upgrade for Primo, also known as HTC One V. Both Verdi and Quattro are believed to be tablets. If this is accurate then we will be expecting larger much larger devices from HTC this year.

The leaks may pave a way to more speculations, however, we should take this information with a pinch of salt, at least, for now. The company is believed to be unveiling some of its devices at CES and MWC.

Source: HTC Soku

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