Chinese Nokia Lumia 920 ad shows hardware details

Adverts are most of the times annoying, but sometimes some ads are made so good that we find ourselves lurking on youtube to watch the ad again and again. Some ads are funny, and there are some cellphone ads showing the phone’s feature at work in a great way. Examples of such ads include the original iPhone ad, the LG Dare commercial and several others. Even the Samsung Galaxy SIII ad which mocks people waiting in a queue to get their hands on the latest iPhone is funny.

Samsung has definitely done a good job at highlighting all the features that aren’t available on the iPhone. We haven’t had any interesting cell phone ads in the past few weeks, and now Nokia has come up with a really good one that is worth pressing the replay button repeatedly. The commercial is for the Nokia Lumia 920 flagship device which is doing great. The ad is targeted towards the Chinese market, where the Lumia 920 was recently.

At the start of commercial, they show all the parts that slowly assemble into a complete Nokia Lumia 920. Then the 2:14 minute short commercial shows what Angry Birds looks like on the HD Pure Motion display, and at the same time a hand wearing weird blue colored gloves uses the phone, which demonstrates the “Super Sensitive Touch” of the model’s capacitive touchscreen. The PureView camera’s features are also part of the ad as is the Augmented Reality of City Lens. Towards the end they showcase the phone being charged wirelessly on the wireless inductive charger that is available in various colors that matches with the phone’s body color, which itself is available in many flashy colors. All throughout the video we get to see all the features which set the Lumia 920 apart from other Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nokia Lumia 920 was launched in China few weeks back. China is a vast country and a whopping 1.1 billion Chinese use cellphones. That’s a huge number and no wonder China has the biggest telecom industry with over a billion subscribers. China Mobile, which is China’s biggest carrier is also world’s largest carrier, and it isn’t surprising. Anyways, the competition is also huge in the country and 90% of the smartphones which were sold in Q3 in China were Android powered, which isn’t astonishing since Android is open source and hence the local smartphone manufacturers can make use of it. China has got some awesome local smartphone manufacturers, and some of them are Meizu and Oppo. Microsoft’s Windows Phone enjoys only 3% market share.

Even though the interest for Windows Phone isn’t much in China, when the Nokia Lumia 920 first launched at the Nokia Store in Shanghai, the devices were sold out in 2 hours. The yellow version of Lumia 920 from the second lot was sold out within 20 minutes. That’s pretty quick and that itself testifies that Windows Phone 8 has managed to attract more consumers to Windows Phone than ever before. Also Lumia 920’s design and hardware has got a lot to do with the success.

source: YouTube

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