CES 2013: Valve’s Alleged Steam Box Spotted


Only weeks ago Valve let the press know that the company would be releasing their own console in 2013. Little did we know that Valve and Xi3 would announce the console at CES.

Valve and Xi3 have not had their event take place just yet, but exhibitors are calling the device the “Piston” — note how the word “piston” has relation with the word “steam.” We have a quick look at Valve’s new console, the “Piston,” thanks to the guys over at Machinima. You can check out the video at the source link below.

The Piston is interesting because it is much smaller than a console, works as a PC, and hardware can be taken out of the Piston to be replaced with upgrades as technology evolves. No doubt Valve and Xi3’s goal was to “unite” the appeal of the console and PC with the Piston.

As previous rumors suggested, the Piston will not solely be running Linux. The Piston is able to run Windows, Linux or any x86 operating system. It’s up to the user to decide which operating system the Piston runs.

Thanks to Valve and Xi3, the line between consoles and PCs are starting to unify. Maybe the PC vs console wars will start to die out after the release of the Piston, but that is more than unlikely to happen.

On a off-topic note, the release of the Piston is definitely not the “death” of consoles as some may want it too be. No doubt extremely popular titles exclusive to certain consoles like Halo will keep the appeal of a full-blown console system.

source: YouTube

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