CES 2013: Chevrolet Integrating Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri in Chevy Sonic and Spark Vehicles


Have you ever wished you had a voice assistant like Siri integrated in your vehicle? Well, it seems that Chevrolet is integrating Apple’s voice assistant Siri into their 2013 Chevy Sonic and Spark vehicles via a Bluetooth connection. Holding down a control on the steering wheel will activate Siri and allow you to use the voice assistant as you usually would eliminating the need to pick up the smartphone while driving. Essentially anything with Siri can be done that you would do without the Bluetooth connection except browse web pages, as Chevrolet does not want you picking up the smartphone while driving. If you were to ask Siri, “I need information on World War 2,” it will usually refer you to a Wikipedia page to browse. While the iPhone is connected to the vehicle, Siri will instead say “To ensure your safety, your vehicle will not permit me to help you with that right now.”

Now if we could just get Google Now integration in our cars!

source: YouTube

Image: Cartype

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