Carphone Warehouse to offer unlocked BlackBerry Z10 for £480

BlackBerry Z10 with iPhone 5

RIM will be launching the all new BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30th. It is said that RIM will be launching two new devices, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 at the launch event. The BlackBerry Z10 is a full touch screen device whereas the BlackBerry X10 comes with the signature hardware keyboard from BlackBerry. Both the devices will be running the new platform and we have seen a lot of leaked pictures of both the devices previously.

As the launch is getting closer, we know a lot about the devices, thanks to the folks behind all the leaks. The only thing that is unknown is the price tag, and we have leaks on that too. A screenshot of the internal database at Carphone Warehouse shows that the retailer is planning on charging £480 for an unlocked BlackBerry Z10 in white. That roughly converts to US $750, which is pretty standard price, and it should be noted that the device that the retailer is offering will be SIM free, so no strings attached. Carphone Warehouse is known to sell devices at a price that is little higher than the average market value, so I’m expecting the phone to be cheaper to buy from other vendors once the device is officially launched. Taking iPhone 5 as a reference, the 16 gig version should be costing roughly £30 more.


The leaked snapshot shows the model number as BLAZ10WHI, which is in sync with the previous leak from the retailer. As far as pricing in the US goes, it is said that both the models, Z10 and X10, will be sold for less than $199 on contract. I’m hoping at least one of the devices to be sold at $150 on contract, but we won’t know until the official announcement because everyone predicted that Lumia 920 would retail for $200 on contract, but AT&T managed to surprise us by bringing the device for $100 along with free wireless charger. RIM should be making a statement on the pricing a week after the Wednesday’s launch.

It looks like RIM has finally managed to grab a lot of attention for the BlackBerry brand. BlackBerry hasn’t exactly been doing well in the past few months. The BlackBerry Z10 will be competing with iPhone 5 and it is also equipped with Siri like voice activated assistant, which is a highlight feature in Apple’s flagship product. BlackBerry App World has been renamed as BlackBerry World because it will be offering more than just apps. BB World will have movies and music, apart from apps, which shows that RIM is interested in attracting the casual crowd apart from the enterprise users, which it will manage to attract anyways due to the business oriented features of the platform. BB World is said to have 70,000 quality apps at the time of launch, which is much lower than Android’s 700k apps in the Play Store, but should be good for a platform that is starting it again all from scratch.

Would you buy the Z10? Let us know.

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