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Software Features of the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Shown Off in a Video


BlackBerry Z10 is the smartphone we’re all looking forward to right now, although there’s so much more coming in the next few months (at the MWC). The reason we’re so excited about the BlackBerry 10 platform is because it has very little to lose and everything to gain, considering the kind of poor form RIM is in. It is commendable that we’re seeing a mobile platform emerging from the ground up, which is so rare in nature these days. And as we grow closer to the launch of the BlackBerry 10 as well as the Z10 and the X10 smartphones, there have been plenty of leaks coming our way. But a new leak has now surfaced in the form of a video which has to be the most detailed analysis of the smartphone we’ve seen till date. It’s almost like RIM deliberately leaked the smartphone ahead of launch to build hype for the smartphone. The leak comes courtesy of an Austrian publication named Telekom-Presse which sheds light on the software aspect of BlackBerry 10 for the most part, as seen on a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

It is indeed very detailed and tells us a lot about how the apps respond and how the all touch interface works. The demonstrator is speaking entirely in German, so we couldn’t make out anything he was saying, but if you hit the mute button and just watch the video, you’ll get a brief idea of the next big thing in BlackBerry. And I must admit, this is substantially better than what the company rolled out in 2011 in the form of BlackBerry 7 OS. This is more refined, polished and it just seems to work effortlessly. Obviously not all features were shown off in the seven and a half minute video, especially the keyboard which we’re all so eager to see. It seems like the platform can handle multitasking with ease as evidenced by the flow between app switching.

There are several little UI features which make it look like a delightful experience, and we’re sure RIM will show that off and more at the New York City event on the 30th of this month. This new platform will certainly have some takers as the fans have already expressed interest in the platform. The smartphone shown off here doesn’t look all that different from what we’ve seen in leaks so far. So it’s rather unfortunate for RIM that the surprise is already out in the open about its latest and greatest smartphone. It will now want the customers to have a good look at the new smartphones that are launching and provide them with decent response. The wait is almost over now.

Via: The Verge

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