BlackBerry World music and video to roll out in “coming weeks”


RIM will be launching its all new platform, the BlackBerry 10, in a week from now. On 30th January, the Canadian company will also launch two new devices running the platform, and it will have over 70,000 supported apps in the app store at the time of launch. Compared to Google’s Play Store, which has over 700k apps, RIM is much behind to catch up, nevertheless, RIM assures that users won’t be missing out on many important apps and the app store will be attractive that even casual users will be attracted to buy the BlackBerry device instead of an iPhone.

The upcoming flagship device is BlackBerry Z10, which is a full touch screen device with 4.2 inch display. With just few days left for official announcement, RIM is undergoing some rebranding exercise and it is complete. BlackBerry App World has now become simply BlackBerry World, because the store is no longer focused solely on apps. In Apple’s online store, one can buy more than just apps. Users can go and buy music and movies and many more, and since RIM is planning to compete with iPhone as well as Android devices, it should offer what other platforms are offering too. Blackberry 10 will anyways manage to capture the enterprise market easily due to the fact that it comes with inbuilt security that other smartphones don’t come with, but casual user market is where the money is, and content is the king. The rebranding brings new content like music, movies, and TV shows to the store, and the new content should be rolling out to all users in the “coming weeks”.

“With BlackBerry World, there are various ways to browse, download, buy, and manage apps using a BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, or desktop or laptop computer,— inspiration is at your fingertips. And if you find something you love and want to tell the world, you can easily share it with your friends over BBM, Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can simply tap smartphones together and invite your friends to download it — just like that.” -Blackberry blog

It’s not known what kind of music and video will be pulled into the BlackBerry World, but apparently there will be “millions” of songs. Apart from this, they are also launching something called BlackBerry Messenger Music, or BBM Music. BBM Music will basically let users to choose up to 50 songs as “profile tunes”, and 25 of those songs can be changed each month. Your BBM friends can listen to those songs free of cost, and the service will be available for free for the first 30 days, and will cost $4.99 per month in U.S. It’s still unclear why someone would be paying $5 a month for such a service because a similar feature is also present in Google+, and friends of the user can listen to the songs bought by the user once.

RIM is aiming BlackBerry World to be “the one-stop shop for all of your mobile entertainment needs”. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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