BlackBerry 10 to launch with 70k apps


BlackBerry 10 platform launch is on 30th of this month, and it is turning into a major event in the smartphone arena this year. After all BlackBerry is making a comeback because it has been a laughingstock of last year and BlackBerry 10 is going to build reputation for Research In Motion.

The comeback will be tough since BlackBerry 10 is in its infancy and has to face the heavy competition by duopoly of 2 major smartphone operating systems, the iOS and Android. As this high profile launch is getting closer, we have more and more leaks flowing in. We had EvLeaks leaking the Verizon product page which confirmed the existence of Z10 and now folks at CrackBerry have got their hands on an official BlackBerry 10 training manual.

Official training manuals are always the best way to get information because of the fact that they are official and contain most of the information needed by a salesman to convince a buyer to buy the said device. The leak is a powerpoint ppt slideshow and contains screenshots of the online course used to train employees. The information contained in the ppt just reiterates what RIM has been saying so far, including the claim that the new platform will have the best-in-class browser along with HTML 5 compatibility and performance.

Apart from the browser point, the slides also say that the platform will have 70,000 apps in the BlackBerry App World. That’s a bit less than RIM’s previous claim of 100,000 launch apps, but then RIM has said that it is concentrating more on quality rather than quantity, and that’s a good argument because there are so many apps on Android and Apple app stores which do nothing meaningful. Most probably BlackBerry World will have more than 100,000 apps in it when the devices start shipping, which will be happening in later half of February. RIM has indeed been working very hard on attracting developers to submit their apps to BlackBerry World. Recently, the company had hosted a port-a-thon where they would pay the developers $100 for each app they ported to the new BlackBerry platform. It’s not mentioned that of 70,000 apps, how many of the apps are ports, and how many are new, nevertheless, 70k is still a large number and will definitely give a huge boost at the time of launch.

Other noteworthy things in the leak are some mentioned specifications, which include a 1,800 mAh battery, a Snapdragon S4 processor, and a 356 pixel density.
We will have more BB10 devices later this year. According to RIM CMO Frank Boulben, RIM will introduce at least six BB10 devices this year, beginning with an all-touch device and a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, which it will announce at the end of the month. In an interview with Fierce Wireless at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Boulben stated that the company “does not have any exclusive relationships with carriers for BB10 in any markets.” He went on to add, “We intend over time as we transition the portfolio to have a full range of devices.”

What are your thoughts on BB10?

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