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BlackBerry 10 to have most of the apps says RIM VP


Apps are an important part of the smartphone ecosystem. If there aren’t enough apps available for a particular platform, then that platform isn’t going to succeed in the crowd of mobile operating systems. We have Windows Phone as a classic example. Windows Phone has a great interface and is capable of being on the top of the charts, but then it doesn’t have enough developer support, though it is slowly getting there.

Anyways, now that we know how important content of respective app store is, RIM will be launching its new platform on January 30th, and the company will also be launching one new BlackBerry 10 device. The big question is that will it be able to survive the crowd? I had recently posted an article explaining how BlackBerry 10 won’t be able to attract crowd because it cannot provide the rich content that iOS and Android offers. Folks at The Verge asked RIM’s VP of Global Alliances and Business Development, Martyn Mallick, if the company was ready with good number of apps in order to support the launch, and the answer is a “yes”.

Mallick said that RIM is directly reaching out to a vast array of developers in multiple categories and widespread regions with the goal of getting their apps on BB10. “If there’s an obstacle in the way, we try to remove it,” he told me, “Whether that’s technical, so be it. If that’s business, so be it.” Saunders was just as direct: “Nobody treats developers better than RIM does right now.”

RIM has indeed treated its developers very well. To start with, they had announced at the start that they will be offering a $10,000 guarantee to developers, with a condition of course. The condition is that the apps must be certified to be “quality certified” by a third party and make at least $1,000 in order to qualify for RIM’s guarantee. Sounds like a good deal for developers.

“At the end of the day,” Mallick said, “you’re not going to have every app.” Saunders added a hint that it’s likely that some big name apps will likely be missing, “Even if a particular app isn’t there that the user would want, there will be other credible substitutes.”

May be not all the apps, but enough to have people comfortable. Eventually, all the big names will join too as all are looking for money after all. BlackBerry 10 looks good to me. Some of the major problems seem to be rectified. We already have a lot of leaked images of the device, and it looks wonderful. The device has got a good build quality and has got a very fast Web Kit browser. Apart from that, the device has got good hardware specifications, so you’ll have the device booted up and ready to use in under a minute. BlackBerry 10 will also support CalDAV and CardDAV for syncing Google contacts and calendar.

All the 3 major US carriers have confirmed that they will be carrying the device. Will you buy one for yourself? Let us know.

Source: The Verge

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