BlackBerry 10 tablets coming soon

BlackBerry 10 Tablet

Research in Motion is finally making its way back to the market with the new mobile computing platform, BlackBerry 10. There have been a lot of rumors about the launch of the new operating system, and the new hardware to complement the software. The Canadian company is planning on putting this to the public on a very large scale. The company has announced that it will be putting up an ad during the Super Bowl. That is for sure going to turn some heads.

But that is not all. With this news, we got another interesting insight into the plans of the company for the new BlackBerry 10. The Canadian Research in Motion is planning on introducing new tablets along with the new smart phones with the new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The company had entered the tablet market with the BlackBerry Play Book. The company did have very big plans for the Play Book. But unfortunately, the market did not take the tablet as well as the company had expected. The tablet was a huge loss for the company.

But with the new operating system, the company is betting everything it has got. And the reviews of the new operating system have been good. Therefore, the tablet may do good. The statement that has given out the news about the tablet is:

RIM confirms that BlackBerry 10, its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets, will be featured in a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII.

There are also rumros that wireless carriers in Canada, namely Telus and Bell, may announce their BlackBerry 10 devices as soon as the first week of February. The expected smart phone is the BlackBerry Z10. There is no news about a tablet being launched with this smart phone. So we can expect the tablet to come into the market in the coming months, if not in a few weeks.

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  1. The original PlayBook are getting upgraded to bb 10. The playbook is almost two years old and still a great tablet. I am using one to write this message now and is the reason I have pre ordered a new bb 10 phone.

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