BlackBerry 10 L-Series Specs Out in the Open, Will Come in Four Variants


The BlackBerry 10 event is all that people talk about these days and with good reason. Considering how much is on stake for RIM with the platform, it is understandable that people are keen and eager to check out the next best thing by RIM. However, RIM has failed to keep an aura of mystery with the platform and the smartphone since the last few weeks. Only a couple of days ago we saw an Austrian site demonstrate the software aspect of the BlackBerry 10 platform. So it is obvious that RIM hasn’t been secretive about its upcoming smartphone(s). And now we have another leak, which perhaps is the most substantial of them all. TechRadar has accessed official RIM documents which shed light on the specs of the smartphone in its entirety. The document also revealed that the BlackBerry L-Series will come in four flavors and three of them will feature a 4G LTE chip while one of them will settle with HSPA+. The non-4G variant will go by the BlackBerry London name while the rest of the L-Series smartphones will be known as the Lisbon, Liverpool and Laguna. So there seems to be some emphasis on European countries with the naming. Could this mean Europe will see the device first? Probably not.

As far as the specs of the L-Series smartphones are concerned, it seems like all four will feature similar specs except for the London which doesn’t come with 4G LTE. Barring that, these smartphones will feature a 4.2-inch HD (1280×768) display, 8MP camera on the back capable of 1080p Full HD recording along with a 2MP front facing camera with 2X zoom and 720p video capture. There’s no info on the processor or the chipset of the smartphone, but we’re fairly certain its dual core. Other specs include a hefty 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage which we believe is expandable, along with a 1,800 mAh battery. TechRadar suggests that these specs could change during the final announcement, but we now have a brief idea as to what RIM has in mind for its flagships. We’re not told of what the BlackBerry N-Series of smartphones will feature, but I’m certain we’ll know more about them as the time approaches. For now though, it’s the all touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone that people are excited about. Of course the four smartphones could be different from each other in terms of looks and appearance, because it wouldn’t quite make sense to launch a smartphone with the same specs and appearance under 4 different names.

January 30 is not long away from now, so we’ll know more in a couple of weeks. I fear however, that all the surprise will be given away with leaks like these, which usually ruins the launch announcement of the smartphone. Let’s hope RIM has plenty of other things to show off during the event to avoid that scenario.

Source: TechRadar
Via: Unwired View