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BlackBerry 10 Marketing Snaps Leak Ahead of Launch


The BlackBerry 10 launch is almost here, we can feel it as days go by. But there’s still a cloud of mystery over what exactly the platform will offer as RIM wants to keep most of it under wraps until January 30. However, there hasn’t been a shortage of pictures of the smartphones from several angles. We practically know everything there is to know about the design and the aesthetics of the smartphone which isn’t a bad way to get to know a device really. And now, there’s more of it thanks to a few leaked marketing content which show off the BlackBerry features in a rather expected way. There’s nothing new to know here, and this is merely a heads up on what you might find pasted on your retailers walls once the smartphones are launched. We get to see a rather beautiful White variant of the BlackBerry Z10 too, which is relatively rare in nature. So we’ll take it.

There are a total of nine marketing posters available, including one which shows a BB10 smartphone being slid into a charming looking case/holster. The much anticipated BBM Video is being shown off in one of the posters too, so basically these posters will tell you everything that’s new about the platform. We’re also keen to check out the time shift camera in motion as teased by one of the posters. There’s so much being said about BlackBerry 10, and the timing of this couldn’t have been better. This will certainly get the BlackBerry fan club going until the launch, and as a matter of fact it has gotten us a little excited too. There’s enough pressure on the company to perform already, and this could potentially be a make or break deal for the folks at Waterloo. BlackBerry has seen a complete revamp of sorts, in a sense that it now fully accommodates for a touch experience which is an area where the company has failed in the past (Storm, Storm 2).

Analysts have already predicted that BlackBerry 10 won’t make a huge impact on the world mobile market, but that’s not for us to judge until the device is launched. Several of the features which are still a mystery will be revealed in due time, so we’ll reserve judgment until then. Let’s hope BB 10 has what it takes to challenge Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform as the market will only become more competitive with platforms vying against each other. Does BB10 have what it takes? There’s not much days left until we find out.

Source: Rapid Berry
Via: BGR

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