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BlackBerry 10 device may ship on February 28 with a $799 price tag


RIM is going to launch its all new smartphone platform, the BlackBerry 10, at a press conference on January 30th. Along with the debut of all new platform, the company is also unveiling a new smartphone that will run this new operating system.

Though Research In Motion will be unveiling the new platform and device on 30th, customers won’t be able to buy the device on the same day and they will have to wait for few weeks before they can get their hands on one of the device booting BB10 goodness. In November last year, RIM’s chief operating officer let slip in an interview that BB10 phones would be on sale within 30 days of the event.

Since BlackBerry is the most talked topic right now, there are obviously lot of rumors and we have seen several spy shots of the upcoming BlackBerry. Now, a new image is being circulated on the internets which is supposedly screenshot taken from Best Buy Canada’s stock control system, and it shows a BlackBerry 10 device that is headed for the Bell network and is listed for release on February 28.

If the content in the image is to be believed, consumers will be able to buy the device 29 days after it is officially unveiled, which may be true because it’s already known that the devices will be in stores within 30 days of the event. Apart from the date, the image also shows the price tag, which is a whopping $799. This should be the price tag for an unlocked SIM free BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The image doesn’t disclose the exact model, but it’s highly unlikely that the company will price the QWERTY N series so extravagantly. We can assume the price is for the full touchscreen Z10 BB10 smartphone that has popped up in so many leaked images. Even so, the device is just $50 cheaper than the SIM free Apple iPhone 5 64 gig model and about $250 costlier than the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Now, that’s not the kind of price tag you put on a device that the company wants to sell in huge numbers. Nevertheless, we have no idea whether the image is genuine or not. Even if the snap was indeed genuine, the date and price tag could be just placeholders, so like what you always do with rumors, take this information with a pinch of salt. We will have solid information on the price tag, availability and hardware by end of this month.

BlackBerry 10 device was present at the CES 2013 that took place in Los Angeles recently, and BlackBerry 10 is certainly exciting consumers. Even RIM’s stocks are high, even after the news of global outage that affected BlackBerry customers over Vodafone’s network. Investors will continue supporting the company until January 30th, post which it will be up to the company to take the success forward. BlackBerry 10 sounds like an amazing platform. What do you think? Would you buy a new BlackBerry 10 device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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