BlackBerry 10 Camera App Demoed in a Video, Packs Tons of Editing Features


There have been countless BlackBerry 10 related revelations made in the internet since the past month or so. Most of them shed light on the hardware aspect of the platform, while a few other leaks showed us how the OS works. Basically since the platform is so new, even the tiniest of details about the platform will excite us. But if there’s one feature of BlackBerry 10 which we haven’t been treated to, it’s the camera and the keyboard. The keyboard will be shown off soon enough, but the camera now has been finally demoed on video, giving us a brief idea as to what it would feature. And again, we’re pleasantly surprised with the camera app of BlackBerry 10 as it packs several editing features right out of the box. So potential BB 10 users can mark Instagram off their must-have apps list.

So how different is the camera app on BB10 in comparison to say, an iPhone or an Android device? Well for starters, this video is roughly over a minute long, so we aren’t shown off all the features of the camera app. But we are treated to the plethora of editing options on board, which not only consists of filters, but other stuff too. The demonstrator in the video mentions that the smartphone he has is the early version of BlackBerry and not the final version that we’ll see launching in the coming days. Regardless, it’s the same app which will be seen in the upcoming BB Z10 smartphone. As he mentions in the video below, there’s so much more the camera app can do right out of the box. This is a great addition and one which would woo potential camera lovers and social networking lovers as well. Sure, having filters isn’t a big deal these days as there are so many apps out there which do the job just as easily. But the enhancement and other editing features will sure make it a complete experience.

I’m sure there’s more to this feature than just that, but as of now we’re not being told as to what exactly RIM could go with for the final launch. But expect to see all of this in its entirety during the launch event. As the all touch BB 10 smartphone doesn’t pack a hardware camera shutter key, users merely have to tap on the screen to snap a picture. This is a let down for die hard shutter bugs, as a two stage shutter key would have been ideal for times when autofocus is rendered useless. So basically the camera app has options like Transform, Enhance, Artistic which comprises of all the filters and the last option is known as Styles. We would like to see the functioning of these features in detail, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the big reveal on January 30 for that. Fingers crossed.

Source: The Gadget Masters
Via: CrackBerry