Belkin’s WeMo Switch Can Help You Control Your Household Lighting from Android device


Every revolution in technology is a cover-up of the fact that we humans are despicably lazy. We love our smartphones to stay on when we’re looking at it. We want our laptops to resurrect within seconds of pressing the power button. We want our iPods to stream any-and-every song, sung by any artist on this planet. In a nutshell, we just want our devices to be smarter, so that we can afford to be lazy.

Here’s another smart device, which contributes to the laziness. Belkin’s WeMo switch displayed at CES in Las Vegas can be an ideal replacement for any household with Wi-Fi connectivity. The cool thing about this switch is that it can be controlled by any Android powered device. Hence, you can control your house-hold lighting from almost anywhere.

Apparently, the Wi-Fi connectivity is required to keep the WeMo switch synced with the server. Hence, even if you’re not on the same Wi-Fi network (perhaps, using cellular data, when outdoors), you can still control the lighting of your home.

This could be the perfect device for people like me, who do not like getting out of their comfy beds to get those damn lights off! The device can also be controlled with an iOS app. In fact, the Android version was hugely demanded from people, which has forced Belkin to finally develop an app for the Google based OS.

The app is expected to be released on the Google Play Store this summer, soon after the device becomes available in the market. However, an open beta version of the app would be available for testing in February.

If you still do not fancy the idea of remotely-controlled lights, you can also try X-10 automation switches.  These switches detect motion and accordingly, manage the lighting in the room.

Image Courtesy: Android Central

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