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BBM Video calling feature in action


BlackBerry 10 will be launched in less than 3 weeks, and as a result we are having a lot many leaks on RIM’s latest platform that will supposedly change the game for RIM and their BlackBerry brand. BlackBerry has certainly lost the appeal which it used to have few years ago.

Thanks to the early leaks, we have a lot of information on the device. The BlackBerry Z10 which will be launching on January 30th at a press conference will be a full touch screen device. It won’t be having any physical qwerty keyboard, which is a highlight feature for BlackBerry devices. It’s not the first time that the company is launching a full touch device. We have previously had phones such as BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 and others, but they didn’t do pretty well. BlackBerry Z10 is all set to change the game because it will be running the latest platform and will have fairly good hardware specifications that are in par with the competition.

Up till now, we had unofficial photographs and blurrycam pictures of BlackBerry Z10, but now we have some leaked marketing content. A total of nine marketing posters have been leaked and these posters will be most probably be stuck on walls of the retailer when the device is officially launched. The posters give out information on new software features that you can expect with BlackBerry 10 operating system. Apart from that, the posters also show BlackBerry Z10 in white. There’s a lot of demand for white phones. If you take a look around, you may find that more and more people are buying white phones than ever before. The new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note 2 and several other devices come in white, and they definitely look beautiful. The BlackBerry Z10 looks outstanding in white.

Coming to the features, previously, an update to the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone featured a folder called “bbm_video” that hinted at a new Video feature for BlackBerry Messenger. Today, in the leaked marketing material, there was a picture which read “BBM Video with Screen Share”. That image hints that that BBM will support video chat and apparently it will because a new video has been discovered which shows the feature in action. The video has a playtime of 7 seconds and it pretty much speaks for itself. Just as rumored, BBM will indeed support video conversation, and apart from that one user can share his screen with another BlackBerry 10 user. I’m guessing it would be some kind of screen sharing feature similar to what we use on computers, where a user can control the device remotely. If that’s the case, RIM better make that feature safe because folks will soon figure out a way to exploit any loopholes in the new platform.

The video can be watched here. BBM members can already use BBM Voice feature on older devices using which they can ring their pals over wifi, and BBM Video will make BBM even a better service. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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