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AT&T Reportedly Sold 10 Million Smartphones in Q4, 2012


In every financial year, the first and the fourth quarter is considered to be the most fruitful. And that is because there are several devices launching then, and also because it’s either after or before the holiday season when companies usually see good sales of their devices. And AT&T is one such company as the carrier is now reporting record sales of smartphones in Q4 2012. While the carrier failed to give us the exact details, it didn’t fail to mention that it has sold over 10 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2012 i.e. during the October-December period. The sales of smartphones usually increases substantially as the holiday season arrives and this is exactly what AT&T’s Q4 results are saying. The CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega, gave out the info.

He mentioned that iPhones and Android smartphones also saw increased sales in Q4, which primarily were the key reasons for such a great financial quarter. It can now be concluded that AT&T sold 110,000 smartphones on average each day in the last three months of the year, although most of those sales would have obviously come in the last month of the year. We would like to get a breakdown of those figures and see which smartphone sold more on the carrier. The carrier will reveal the complete details of sales in the Q4 financial report on January 24. The previous best sales reported by the carrier was in Q4 2011 when it sold a total of 9.4 million smartphones.

There was no mention of the Nokia Lumia 920 doing well, which is unexpected really as the smartphone is exclusive to AT&T in the U.S. This makes us wonder if all those claims by Microsoft and Nokia about the 920 being a game changer are still not coming to reality. Either way, I’m fairly certain that a fraction of those 10 million smartphones that AT&T sold are Windows Phones. Windows Phones have reportedly sold four times as much as they did in 2011 according to Steve Ballmer, so I guess it isn’t all that bad. Regardless of which device sold well and which didn’t, this is a good stat for AT&T and one which should only improve in the current year. One can tell for sure though that a majority of these smartphones were either the iPhones (4S or 5) and the Samsung made Galaxy S III and the Note II. Of course, there will be other smartphones too but these smartphones are basically the most sought after smartphone in the market today so it only makes sense for them to be the top sellers on the country’s second largest carrier.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: GSM Arena

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