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The Samsung Ativ Odyssey Will Launch on January 28 Apparently


There has been plenty spoken about Samsung’s plans with Windows Phone 8. In fact, the Ativ S was one of the first WP8 smartphones to be announced, which gave us a feeling that Samsung is seriously giving the platform a thought. However, these claims were almost immediately refuted when Samsung announced the Note II and people almost completely forgot about the Ativ S as there was very little info coming about the smartphone. Fast forward to December and Samsung made it clear that the smartphone would be launched by the end of 2012 which it eventually did. So it was clear that Samsung isn’t too excited about the platform. But shortly before that in November, we started hearing about the Samsung Ativ Odyssey which was apparently a mid-range WP8 smartphone for Verizon Wireless customers. It was evleaks which leaked the info about the smartphone first and then the smartphone was officially shown off at the CES event last week. There was no launch date mentioned during the event though, which made us feel as if this would be a repeat of the Ativ S fiasco. It was mentioned though that the device will hit stores in the coming weeks. And now, evleaks has gathered info that the smartphone will officially start shipping from the 24th of January which is next Thursday. So there you have it, the Ativ Odyssey is finally landing on VZW as promised and on time now.

Verizon also carries the Nokia Lumia 822 which is a pretty cool WP8 smartphone, so it would be a tough ask for Verizon to convince its customers to go with the Ativ Odyssey. Pricing details for the smartphone are yet to be confirmed, so we’re not sure whether comparing this with the Lumia 822 is a fair bet as of now. The Ativ Odyssey is slightly underpowered when it comes to specs, and looks strikingly similar to the Samsung Focus which was a popular WP7 smartphone on AT&T. Samsung clearly isn’t all that interested in WP marketshare, since Microsoft’s platform has hardly challenged the Android and iOS marketshare. Smartphones like the Ativ S and the Ativ Odyssey are certainly not going to be hot sellers and I’m sure Samsung is aware of that. Microsoft would expect more support from its Windows Phone partners though. Currently it’s only Nokia which is keenly interested and focused on WP8 while HTC, Samsung and Huawei are hardly there. Even with HTC’s 8X, the company hardly managed to sell the device well with the presence of the Lumia 920 in the market.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)
Via: WM Poweruser

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