Apple wants to compel Google to comply with August subpoena

Apple vs Motorola 1

After a couple of days of reading about Apple and Samsung, we are getting back to Apple and Motorola with Google. Apple has made a move against Motorola now saying that Google is helping Motorola in the case and that the software giant is restricting the discovery of required information. The Cupertino tech giant has also said that the maker of the Android operating system be compelled to comply with the August subpoena. Electronista writes:

In a court filing that Apple calls “not your typical motion,” Apple is seeking Google be compelled to comply with a subpoena from August. Apple is expecting data from Google and Motorola to assist it in defending itself against patent claims by Google-owned Motorola Mobile as well as assisting it in its own claims against Motorola’s set-top box group, now owned by Arris Group.

Google has apparently produced only a subset of the documents it was asked to produce. Google has not yet replied to this, and I guess Apple is growing restless. Motorola, on the hand, accuses the Cupertino tech giant of violating six of its patents, and the product violating are the iPhone 4S and the iCloud. These include basics such as having a hidden external antenna, communicating filtered data, managing use, and a “pager status” sync patent. Motorola has used these patents earlier in German legal actions not just against Apple.

On the other hand, Apple counters this complaint saying that there are seven patents of its own which are being violated by Motorola’s mobile devices, and that the Android operating system being used on these mobile devices is behind all this.

We are not sure how Google is going to react to this. But when it does, we are going to be right there to cover the story. In this age, you can be sure of one thing, if you have a patent for a technology, you can make a lot of money out of it.

Source: Electronista

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