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Apple Patents Active Stylus for Use on Future iOS Devices


The Apple iPhone is a smartphone loved by many around the world, and it also has its fair share of critics as with any smartphone out there. But there are certain things that Apple has been very clear about right since the inception and launch of the first iPhone. And one of them is the implementation of styluses. Back in 2007, manufacturers were pretty eager to get styluses on their smartphones as most of the display panels back then made use of the resistive touch function in comparison to the capacitive displays we have today. So while a stylus was provided with most resistive touch smartphones, people always used their fingers to use the device, albeit with increased pressure. And since the Apple iPhone made use of the capacitive display tech, there was no need for a stylus, which is something the Late Steve Jobs proudly bragged of. But today we’re learning of Apple filing for a new “Active Stylus” patent which isn’t exactly the stylus from yesteryears, but an evolution of that (somewhat of an evolution of the S-Pen).

This new Active Stylus apparently would react faster to the touch compared to other capacitive styluses out there today (including the S-Pen) as it is capable of sensing touch on its own making input faster and quicker than ever. As with all things Apple, there will certainly be a unique feature tagged along with it, so this is one of them. It’s strange though as to how market conditions can make manufacturers change their original stance and policies. With this Active Stylus, Apple basically wants to eliminate the lag we see on the S-Pen despite it being pretty smooth most of the times. It is said that the iPhone and the iPad can make use of this Active Stylus somewhere in the near future. But we can’t say for sure if Apple would get it in production in time for the next iPhone or the iPad. There is a strong possibility that Apple would make this available as a third party accessory rather than bundle it with the device, which could in fact be a blessing in disguise.

Since the S-Pen is currently the king among all styluses, it would behoove us to think whether it’s time for Samsung to up the ante. Sure, the S-Pen does a lot more than your regular stylus, but now with Apple stepping into the scene, I’m sure Samsung would have something new in store for its customers. In all fairness though, the S-Pen is merely a luxury in most cases and people still prefer actually using their finger, except for features like Air View and other gesture based functions which make full use of the S-Pen.

Source: Patently Apple
Via: Redmond Pie

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