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An Outlook app for Windows RT may be in the makes

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Are you a Windows RT user? If so, first of all, why? And then, how do you get to your corporate emails on that tablet? You would be really upset using the built in Main app that Microsoft provides with the Windows operating system. The Mountain View based software giant has decided not to release an Outlook version for the Windows RT platform for some reason, but rumors say that is going to change soon.

ZD Net has reported that Microsoft is working on a version of its Outlook email client for the Windows RT based tablets. For other Windows 8 based Surface tablets and the Windows 8 operating system in general, the company has already released the Office 2013 bundle of software which brings along a very updated version of Outlook, which not only provides a few more features than the older version, but also looks a lot better.

It would be difficult to live with the thought that Microsoft would never come up with an Outlook version for the Windows RT platform, because that is nothing like Microsoft. But unfortunately, we do not have that yet. So, even without any solid proof of any kind, you can safely assume that Microsoft is working on a version of Outlook for Windows RT.

But the team which is working up to this is in a big dilemma whether to go ahead with this or not. Because according to the internal estimates, not a lot of people seem interested to buy the Windows RT tablets, hence my first question at the top of this page. So the company is putting a lot of thought before it starts investing a lot of its money and time in getting Outlook ready for Windows RT.

But will the company eventually do it? That is anybody’s guess.

Source: Phone Arena

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