Amiigo Fitness Bracelet Raises $143K On Indiegogo, Promises To ‘Redefine Fitness Tracking’

The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet, a project that aims to change fitness tracking, has raised more than enough of its goal of $90,000 to support the initiative. To date, a sum of $143,184 has been pledged by its backers on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.


The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet promises to “redefining Fitness Tracking” by monitoring specific details about an exercise routine as well as how one’s body responds to the physical activities. It thus provides a very personal approach as compared to other fitness trackers. Impressively, the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet claims to have custom algorithms to recognize over 100 kinds of exercises, including “the elliptical, running, swimming, doing bicep curls, squats” and many more. The developers also announced that app updates will be added in the future to expand the list further. Using such data, it creates a correlation with physiological information, like one’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, overall activity level, and number of calories burned.

But what is the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet exactly? The device is composed of a shoe clip and a waterproof Bluetooth-enabled bracelet. The two components both come with “a three-axis accelerometer, microcontroller, battery, and enough flash memory to store up to five days’ worth of data.” Meanwhile, the band comes with “an infrared blood-oxygen and pulse sensor.” The device works with a smartphone app that is available on Android and iOS.

When the app is opened, the bracelet is directed to send the data, and algorithms, as mentioned, identify the exercise that the wearer is doing, as well as how much of that kind of exercise is done. Recommendations to improve one’s fitness are provided, taking into account one’s performance. The results can likewise be shared with friends.

The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet is estimated to retail for $119 once it hits the market, possibly this spring. Its battery life will run about two days on a single charge.

via indiegogo