Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos app gets update

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Apps

Syncing photos online and being able to back up them online on cloud storage has become a pretty profitable business these days. There are various service providers for this. You can get a few gigabytes of storage space in the cloud for free when you sign up for the service, and then if you want more storage space, you can just buy it.

For example, Dropbox started this some time back. There is an instant upload feature which will upload a picture to your Dropbox account as soon as you capture it on your smart phone. The same is true with Google on its Google+ app. Recently, Facebook also introduced this feature. The pictures which you take on your smart phone will be uploaded to Facebook and then you can decide on making it public or keeping it private to yourself.

There are many other services which allow this. And the new kid on the block with this feature is Amazon. The Photos app for Amazon Cloud Drive got an update recently which brings in a few good features to the app.

For example, the instant upload feature I told about earlier is now included in the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app. Not just this, you will be able to take photos from within the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app. This will also instantly upload the taken picture to your Cloud Drive. This is a good way of backing up important photos.

There are other features as well. For example, you will now be able to select multiple images in the app to upload to the Amazon Cloud Drive. This makes the process of uploading more than one picture easier. Also, you will now be able to easily check how much storage space you have left on your Amazon Cloud Drive. So if you are running out of space and want to buy more, you can easily do it. So, if you want these features, you can download the update from Play Store here.

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