Amazon Kindle Fire Dominates US Android Tablet Market

A research conducted by mobile apps analytic service Localytics clearly shows the Amazon Kindle Fire dominating the US market. Since the US market represents 59% of worldwide market share then the device is even dominating worldwide. The research shows that the Kindle Fire has captured 33% of the market share in the US.

Despite having stiff competition from the likes of Google’s Nexus 7 devices Amazon is selling strong in the US. One key factor attributed to this is its initial availability only in the US market. It was later released by the company in select European countries.

In terms of global market share the rankings are as follows

  • Kindle Fire – 33%
  • Nook – 10%
  • Samsung Galaxy – 9%
  • Nexus 7 – 8%

Of course these figures are just estimates and do not have the backing of solid sales figures. Localytics however said that they have insights to over 500 million unique devices which currently run their analytics app.

The data helps app developers determine where to promote their apps. The normal way is to place it over at Google Play. The dominance of Amazon’s tablets however will let them think twice and consider Amazon’s app store.

According to Localytics “In the meantime, any Android developer with a focus on tablets should be distributing their apps in the Amazon App Store. The degree to which Amazon has dominated their most serious geographical market should speak to the future potential, and since Google Play is unavailable on the Kindle Fire family, adding Amazon’s App Store as a distribution channel is important.”

In terms of overall dominance of the tablet market Apple’s iPad is still the top. The competition Apple faces from various Android tablet manufacturers will eventually erode their market share and make them fall from the top spot. This is what has happened in global smartphone market shares.

via thenextweb

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