Amazon Adds Additional TV Shows To Prime Instant Video


Amazon, looking to further improve its Prime Instant Video service, has signed deals with several major networks, which has allowed Amazon to reel in a few extremely popular shows from A&E, History, Bio and Lifetime. With the addition of these networks, Amazon claims that their content availability is now within 33,000, which is all available to their subscribers.

Unfortunately a Prime Instant Video app is still not available on the Google Play Store. You’d imagine that it wouldn’t be that hard to get the Prime Instant Video app on the Google Play Store since the Kindle already has it. After all, the Kindle is based off of the Android operating system. Until we see an Android app, we’ll just have to enjoy the new content on our Kindle devices, and dare I say our iOS devices as well? Well, enjoying the media on iOS devices is questionable since AirPlay and HDMI was intentionally disabled.

Are you a Amazon Prime subscriber? Will you be looking out for any of the new content on Prime Instant Video now? Do you even own a Kindle? Would you like it if Amazon buckled down and released an Amazon Instant Video app on the Google Play Store? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

source: Amazon


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