Aliens: Colonial Marines development finished; release date set on February 12, 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines developer, Gearbox Software, announced the development of its new title has come to an end; it means that it has already acquired a go signal from the top for manufacturing. This also confirms the company’s announcement in May last year that Colonial Marines will be released in February.

Aliens Colonial Marines

In a blog post, the company said the team behind the development of the title hit every target required of them to produce a top-notch entertainment piece, although it wasn’t pointed out what those targets are.

“When we first announced the release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines back in May 2012, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford noted that the development had progressed to the point where we could see the end and be very confident in both our vision for the game as well as our launch date…we’re proud to announce that we hit every one of those targets.”

For those who have been waiting for Aliens: Colonial Marines’ release, it sure wasn’t a short wait. Sega first announced that it was able to acquire an electronic right to Aliens franchise from 20th Century Fox in 2006. Gearbox Software also announced just a few days later that they will be working closely with Sega to develop a title based on the franchise.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Game Informer reported Gearbox Software has already started developing Aliens: Colonial Marines but there wasn’t sufficient information about the Alien-based shooter. Many speculated that the project has been stopped due to layoffs at Gearbox, the studio has given more priority to Duke Nukem Forever for 2K Games, and Sega’s struggles with M-rated audience on consoles.

Since those speculations emerged, it took Sega 2 years to reassure fans that Aliens: Colonial Marines would be realized. Gearbox Software took two years to announce the possible release date of the title. And in less than a month from now, reviewers, critics and gamers will start bubbling whether it was worth the wait or not…well, we do hope it is.