7 Ways To Stop Your Droid From Over-Heating

smart-phone-on-fire-hiThere are times your gig can get too hot to handle. Irrefutably, those times are the ones where you enjoy prolonged hours of gaming, web browsing, or intense multitasking. These activities can take a toll on your device, as the tiny device has lots of processing to do, and has too little brain (processor) to help on that part. Besides, the brain doesn’t have any real outlet for spitting out its frustration (heat).

The end result?

Your gizmo starts drawing more power from the battery in order to match up your escalated levels of expectations. And in just a few exasperated hours, the battery gives up, and the bar narrows down to the abhorrent zeroth level.

Wish there was a better way to sort things out? Well, here are seven golden tips which can help you emancipate the gathered heat, or perhaps, prevent it in the first place.

Turn-off background apps

There’s no tangible way of turning down the heat, when you have dozens of background apps churning up the processor cores. There are lots of apps which are poorly written- or perhaps- cunningly written to eat up the CPU power. Hence, make sure you keep a check on the background apps. You can monitor the apps using the default Task manager, or if you wish to gain more stringent control, you can download the amazing Watchdog app from Play Store.

Turn-off unwanted settings

Simply turn off all those settings which you hardly-or-never use. For example, don’t have your GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on all the time. Do not use the “vibrate” function. Get rid of that larger-than-life “Live Wallpaper”. Also, if possible, use 2G networks for continuous online connectivity. You can create a 2G/3G toggle switch using a well-crafted app called Tasker. (Syncing on 2G network in background would save immense amount of battery, as continuous 3G connectivity do have a tendency to turn your device into a toast)

Simply turn it off

Just like you need rest after a long tiring day, your phone needs some rest, too. It might sound crazy but why can’t you switch your phone off when you doze off to sleep? Don’t tell me it’s because of that damn alarm. Your phone would shriek even when it’s switched off. So, you can always switch it off when you go to bed. Also, when you’re in a meeting, and you’re damn sure you won’t be able to take/make calls, why not turn it off?

Turning your phone off not only cools the temperature down but also reduces the number of battery-cycles in a year. The equation for battery cycles is simple. The more you drain your battery, the lesser capacity it would be able to hold. According to a survey, an average Li-ion battery loses 30% of its original power after 300 discharge cycles. The less the number of discharges your battery procures, the more prolonged is its battery life. Besides, it also allows your phone to breathe for a while. Unlike our computers, smartphones run all day long.  They also need some breathing space. Switching your phone off when it’s not in use is always a good, straight-forward strategy to prevent your device from over-heating.

Leave your gadget alone while it’s chargingac23f_andru-android-robot-usb-cell-phone-charger

Don’t stick your fingers on your droid while they’re “feeding”. No one likes being disturbed.  When the phone is recharging, it’s actually pumping the DC power into the battery. When you play games or browse web while your phone is charging, you’re actually slowing down the charging process. And it’s obvious- if your phone takes more time to recharge, it would dissipate more heat to compensate for the loss. So, next time you put your gadget in charging, leave it alone. Let it rejuvenate itself. Give it some time to replenish itself, and you would see for yourself how fast and fun it can be then.

Clean your phone up

Though this remedy might seem a bit outlandish, it can definitely improve your phone’s performance. Over a period time, dust infiltrates your device and starts accumulating on phone’s external sockets. Accumulation of dust particles can really slow things up and degrade the performance of your device. Hence, clean your device with a soft cloth, and keep the external areas as clean as possible.

Don’t choke her up

If your phone is itching in your pocket, take her out. Do not let her choke inside. Sometimes, installing a fancy back-cover/case prevents the heat from getting emancipated from the device. Avoid installing such flaps. If you have a case for your device, remove it and give your device some breathing space.

Don’t throw your phone- here, there, everywheresofa_6.preview

Most of us have that annoying habit of throwing our smartphone- here, there, and everywhere. While this may seem innocuous, it isn’t. If you leave your smartphone in places like your car’s dashboard or in the proximity of any electronic gadget, you’re inattentively trying to roast your device up. Don’t do that. Make sure you keep your device in a safe place to prevent it from over-heating.

So that’s it. That’s pretty much everything you can do to prevent the temperatures from flaring up. Though I tried to encircle almost every perspective on ‘How to Prevent Android heating’, we would always love to hear from you. If you have any more questions, just shoot them up in the comments section below.

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