4.8 inch iPhone Math rendered

Yesterday, upstream supply chain sources told China Times (through the BrightWire news service) that Apple will be introducing a total of three new variants of the Apple iPhone in 2013. Two of the models would be released in June whereas the third one will be released at sometime during later half of the year. In the rumor, it was said that one of the two devices that will be launched in June will be the 7th-generation model, also called as Apple iPhone 5S. That’s not a surprising news because we all know that after iPhone 5, launch of iPhone 5S is the logic move Apple would make, but what’s fascinating is that the other Apple device launching in June is the 4.8 inch version of the device and will be called as Apple iPhone Math.

More and more smartphone manufacturers are adopting for larger screen sizes, and some “smartphone” devices are even having screen sizes more than 6 inches. In such a market, 4 inch just wouldn’t suffice, and if the news of 4.8 inch iPhone Math is indeed true, looks like Apple is moulding their roadmap according to the changing customer requirements. It should be noted that Steve Jobs had once said that the screen size of 3.5 inch is the best size for a touchscreen smartphone device. It was true back then, but not now. Anyways, there are several Android devices out there with more than 4.8 inch of screen size, but for an Apple fan, it is a dream. If you have been daydreaming about the iPhone Math that you read about yesterday, looks like you aren’t the only one. Folks at Russian based Apple news site,, have also been dreaming, but with more skills up their sleeves, they have managed to create a render that shows what the 4.8 inch iPhone Math may look like.

You can check out the video above that shows the rendering. The main difference between this phone and the iPhone 5 is six row of apps, which is one more than iPhone 5 and two more than all the iPhones prior to iPhone 5. The render includes a 12 MP camera and the device is depicted in variety of colors.

According to rumors, both the devices launching in June will have 8MP camera produced by Largan Precision. Eight million camera lens supposedly have been ordered by Apple for both phones. The third device will be launched during the 2013 holiday season and will have a 12MP camera on the rear. That’s the only known specification we know about the handset.

According to unofficial sources, components including camera and touchscreen units will begin shipping in the month of March, and production of devices will begin in April. Foxconn is popularly known for assembling Apple devices and apparently they will be responsible for 90% of the units to be produced. There’s also some information about low cost iPhone, but everything is a rumor at this point in time and there are no facts whatsoever. What are your thought?

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