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Apple Might Bump Up the Storage of the Full Sized iPad to 128GB


We all know how widely popular the Apple iPad is. Especially since the last couple of years when there were no competitive offerings by Android or Windows OEMs. But things are slightly different now with the arrival of tons of Android tablets, especially the budget tablets which have shrunk Apple’s marketshare somewhat. This also led Apple to set foot in unfamiliar territory with the iPad Mini, which proved to be a success during the holiday season. But Apple needs to seriously bump up its products in order to sustain in this quickly evolving tech industry. And it seems like the company is working on something like that to give it the competitive edge over the competitors.

With the iOS 6.1 Beta being available for developers, some of them have managed to spot references for a new 128GB variant of the Apple iPad. Even iTunes 11 is believed to have some references to this new storage variant of the full sized iPad. This report originates from reliable source 9to5Mac, which also goes on to show a retailer database hinting at an “Ultimate” model of the iPad. In Apple terminology, the 16, 32 and 64GB variants are known as Good, Better and Best. So with the mention of Ultimate here, we are bound to believe that Apple certainly has something big under the wraps.  Bear in mind these names are only for the retailer’s understanding and don’t really indicate the final name of the product. Sadly, there’s no mention of an upgrade in the iPad Mini as of yet, maybe because it’s still early days. It is believed that this could feature the same internals as the current iteration of the full sized iPad and that the only difference would be with regards to the storage. So Apple could merely bump up the storage for a specific set of consumers. We can expect schools and colleges benefit from a new model like this.

The leak also sheds light on the price of these tablets. The base model i.e. the WiFi only variant with 128GB of storage will cost $799 while the one with 4G LTE and cellular will cost $929 apparently. So that goes well with the current pricing of the iPads with the 64GB variant costing $699. It’s usually $100 more than the iPad with half its storage. So it seems like there’s more weight in this report than we imagined.

There are a few people out there who use the iPad primarily for work, like typing documents and opening spreadsheets etc. But that doesn’t explain how these users could be aided from the added storage. Perhaps if the user is leaving town for a long time and wants to stock up on tons of movies, videos and what have you, this could be an appealing proposition. Sure Apple can just add a microSD card slot and let the users decide for themselves, but that’s not how they operate. There is a high chance of this being one of those rumors which never see the light of the day, so we recommend you to take it with a pinch of salt until we have more confirmation coming our way. This new iPad will allegedly break cover in fall 2013, which is around the same time when the third gen iPad was refreshed last year.

Via: 9to5Mac

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