10 Possible Predictions for Android in 2013

Android has been rising in popularity in the recent past. Whereas the last twelve long months saw emergence of tons of uncertainties, we are now better placed to predict what might happen now that Android’s trends has been going up. 2013 will definitely bring new tidings for Android – and it could go as we predict here pointed out below.

android 2013

1. Android in users’ homes

Owing to Androids versatility, Google may discontinue Google TV and join OEMs. Jointly, they will create Smart TV sets and decoders that are powered by Android.  Previously Nexus and Quya were announced in 2012 and ended more as marketing than technical failures. With Google therefore, it’s more sensible taking over users’ living rooms considering their efforts to bring movies to their store as opposed to keeping Google TV.


2. Google Wireless

Google is likely to create an own or buy a wireless network  in America.  Google and Carriers were seeking for a platform in their control, e.g. in custom skins and bloat ware. Google however was unable or not keen to collaborate with carriers to develop an LTE device, shown by Nexus lack of the same.


3. Android 5.0 features

It is almost certain that Android 5.0 release shall be in 2013. We shall most likely see more performance and  user interface updates.  There should also be more activity in the People app on Android.


4. Wireless charging

The battle for supremacy in wireless charging now seems to be taking shape in 2013. Android OEMs should be included as standard.  Nokia has adopted Qi wireless charging by Nexus for its newest Lumia devices. This seemingly makes it the unchallenged standard which Android should do in 2013.


5. More colors

Android might also decide to take up a trend now favored by many manufactures – colors. Trend setters include Nokia with its array of bright colors and HTC with Windows Phone 8X as well as its 8S phones.  Android phones with various colors could show up in the market in 2013.


6. Tablet sales by Android to surpass iPad.

There shall predictably be higher Android tablet sales than iPads due to pricing and the replacement of eReader sales by tablets. Availability of lower priced gadgets compared to offers by Apple has happened in the smart phone markets and will most likely follow suit in tablets, in a process called commoditization.  There is data showing that Android tablets sales shall have overtaken iPads by the middle of 2013.


7. Bigger batteries

2013 is likely to see more users who don’t mind bigger batteries that will give them longer life for their use.  Devices can still remain thin and with improved battery life. However, 2013 might just give us bigger batteries with longer life and against the usual trend of thin and light devices.  Battery life can give us this.


8. Xenon flash

The Xenon photo flash has been used on Android phones for over two year or so now.  It is a technically superior flash technology that allows faster photo exposures, reduction on image blurs and thus allowing user’s phones to capture images crystal clear.  It is therefore predictable that since Samsung Galaxy Camera (though it isn’t a phone) has the technology, their Galaxy S phones could take up the technology as well and fight off Nokia’s dominance in imaging.


9. Activation rates to decrease

Android activations are at an all-time high and will certainly drop or slowdown in 2013. This is because recent activation rates have been tremendous, and one can comfortably state that they are unsustainable. (Assuming that Google doesn’t change how it counts the activations – read ‘manipulate’!)


10. Nokia goes Android

Use of Android by Nokia can be predicted in 2013, albeit with doubts but nonetheless with strong hints from none other than Nokia CEO himself, no less. Nokia has lingered with the contentious issue whether  Symbian and MeeGo should have been replaced with Android. These are already strong hints that with Windows Phone struggling to gain market and make profits, well you never know Android could be getting ready to fill the gap.

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