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ZTE Nubia Z5 with a 5-inch 1080p Display and 13MP Camera Gets Announced


ZTE is a relatively unknown brand to the most of us. But the company has its presence in the telecommunications department, for which it is very renowned. And from there the company stepped into the mobile scene and according to reports, the company is the fourth largest maker of mobile phones in the world. ZTE however has little known presence outside of China when it comes to smartphones. The company offers a decent range of affordable Android phones and also has a Windows Phone 7 device under its belt (ZTE Tania). But what we have for you today is something different and will easily blow your mind away. The company has just announced the Nubia Z5, which packs a monstrous 5-inch 1080p LCD panel among other things. There’s no info on what display technology ZTE is using, but it sure promises to be a screamer. We’re pretty used to 5-inch 1080p smartphones since the past month or so with HTC launching three devices featuring the said display. But this one here from ZTE has a lot more to offer.


The device also features a massive 13MP rear camera sensor for crisp and stunning images, and all of this will be powered by the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core SoC and a hefty 2GB of RAM. And if you thought all of these hardware credentials will take its toll on the overall thickness of the device, you’re wrong. The Nubia Z5 is only 7.6mm thick which is surprising considering what it has under the hood. The handset will be launched in China later this month, with no details about international availability. The device pretty much covers all the bases required to gain flagship status, much like how the HTC Butterfly did today when it was announced.


One thing we noticed about the front of the device is that it looks surprisingly similar to the HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly. And the back pretty much looks like a carbon copy of the One X. So it seems like ZTE has taken design inspiration from the Taiwanese manufacturer for the smartphone, which isn’t necessarily bad as long as there’s due credit given to the company. All that aside, the ZTE Nubia Z5 has certainly gotten us excited and it is hoped that the company launches the device outside China as well so as to satisfy the increasing needs of tech geeks like us all over the world. One key aspect to devices from Huawei or ZTE is that they’re very reasonably priced compared to the competition. So this should go a long way in making the device more appealing to the users in China in comparison to the HTC Butterfly which was announced today.

Source: Weibo
Via: Pocketnow

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