YouTube Capture App Announced for iOS, Lets Users Upload YouTube Videos On the Go


We all love watching YouTube videos, and thanks to mobile apps it’s even more convenient to watch them today. However, have you ever wondered if there was a mobile app to upload videos to YouTube? I’m sure there are plenty of third party apps which do that, but how about one from Google? Yes, the folks at Google have just announced a new app called YouTube Capture. This app basically lets users upload videos on YouTube instantly with a more than handy UI. As this is a Google app, users won’t have to worry about getting used to it as most of the essential sharing features are present along with the ability to upload videos. The shocker though, is that the app is currently available only for iOS devices and Android should get it sometime in the future. Users can upload videos of up to 720p (HD) quality, and 1080p is not supported yet. But we guess it would be in future iterations of the app.

Android users might be aware of the ability to upload videos directly within the gallery app on their devices. However, this one here is a little more intensive video uploading tool letting you modify or edit your videos in any way possible. Moreover, users can also add background music to their videos, which makes it pretty much a complete uploading app. And honestly, we expect no less from Google. Of course, it’s not a professional video editing tool, but more than capable of handling mobile videos with ease. I personally haven’t tried this, so won’t pass judgment on the usability bit of the app until I manage to get my hands on the app. For now, if you own an iPhone/iPod Touch or an iPad, head over to the AppStore and give this app a try. Android users need not lose faith, as Google is most certainly working on the Android version of the app and we expect it to be better than the iOS version. As the source rightly suggests, Google doesn’t have to do much to bring this feature to Android users as all it requires to do is merely update the existing YouTube app with these nifty features. We won’t rule that out entirely yet, but I guess a standalone app would make it more appealing to the users.

The app comes very handy for video reviewers and considering how good mobile cameras have gotten today, it’s not an entirely bad idea to consider it a replacement to your regular video camera. However, quality could be a concern, but not so much if you’re just a casual uploader. We would have really liked to see Google launch the new app simultaneously on both platforms, but clearly the company has something else in mind.

Source: iTunes AppStore
Via: Phandroid