You Can Now Host “Private” Apps On Google Play

If you happen to be a Google Apps for business, education, or government user, you may just want to look into the what the new update on Google Play offers. You are now able to host your very own private internal apps right inside of the Play Store. These apps are not available to the public. The only people that will be able to use these internal apps will be those who sign-in with the same domain name.

After a user enables this feature in the developer console, apps have the ability to be uploaded to the Play Store. Users who sign in with the same domain name will then see that there is a new category or section to browse. No sideloading .apks is necessary, as it works exactly like apps that are public on the Play Store. You just download and update your apps as you usually would. The only difference is that these apps are private to specific domain names. As you can imagine, this is a great way to house apps that you don’t want seen by the public (e.g. accounting apps, tools specific to your teams’ profession and etc).

It’s awesome to see Google starting to cater to enterprise more. The only issue I see is the fact that most enterprise users probably use iOS devices for all of their needs. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction for Google. I’m personally excited to see what they will be implementing in the future here.

source: Android Central, Google Enterprise Blog

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