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XDA University Is Now Live

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about everything related to the Android OS then there is one place online where you can go to and that is the XDA University.  This is your one stop place to get resources for any topic ranging from rooting your device, creating custom ROMs, modifying your Android system and a whole lot more.

Perhaps you want to change the UI of your smartphone, or want to change the default colors used. This is often hard for the ordinary person to achieve on a stock Android smartphone but with the correct knowledge it is actually quite easy.

XDA University is not just a place for experts but beginners as well. It is described as being a limited wiki and is crowd-source. The general public cannot however add or edit the content. The site currently has tons of useful content that is aimed at everyone at all expertise levels. There are guides available for flashing a ROM, creating themes and tweaking your system.

The aim of the site is to make learning about Android fun for everyone. As this new site progresses more content will be added.

As an Android user it is usually frustrating to get information on “How to Guide’s” of your specific model. Questions such as how do I root my device or how can I install a custom ROM are usually what come into mind first. Searching the Internet for useful guides can often be difficult since you really don’t know if the guide really works. With XDA University you can be assured that the guides are really working. It really is a one stop place where almost all of your questions can be answered regarding your platform.

If you are interested in Android development and don’t know where to start then I suggest checking out this site first.  It is brought to you by the same people behind the popular XDA-Developers.

Via XDA University

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