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Windows RT Could Get Access to 700,000 Android Apps Via BlueStacks


Windows RT is a relatively new concept and is targeted at the increasingly developing tablet industry, although without much success. There are plenty of reasons for the success or failure of a mobile platform, and in this day and age, applications have a huge role to play. And if app support was a problem with your Windows RT device, there could soon be a solution for that. According to BlueStacks, the team could work on bringing over 700,000+ Android applications to the Windows 8 RT platform. What this means is that devices like the Surface RT could benefit from the large amounts of Android titles. However, all of this is based on a BlueStacks forum post by a member of the BlueStacks team, and nothing has been confirmed as of now, but the idea has certainly gotten us excited. BlueStacks has a similar project which brings Android apps to Mac and Windows platforms. Taking this as the premise, a user decided to ask if the gang had something planned for Windows 8 RT devices. And the answer coming from a BlueStacks member called Deepak Sharma was the following – “We are considering offering BlueStacks for Windows R/T next year.”

Now that the idea has been teased, it would behoove us to see if it holds any weight. Microsoft is known to be pretty strict with its devices and platforms. Many already fear that Windows Defender on Windows RT devices would stand in between the user and the thousands of Android apps. For any of this to be actually real, BlueStacks will have to make its app available in the Windows Store. Now given the kind of reputation Microsoft has, it is very unlikely that the app will be approved. So it wouldn’t be wrong to take this with a pinch of salt for now.

Although BlueStacks provides Mac and Windows users with the ability to run Android apps, Windows tablets is a whole different ball game, as it has Microsoft’s dedicated app hub now. With the arrival of Windows 8 Pro tablets on the cards, users can be assured that BlueStacks will function well with those devices. Compatibility with RT devices however will remain a mystery till then. Let’s hope the idea materializes and Microsoft goes easy on BlueStacks. Because let’s face it, for the limited number of apps that Windows Store brags of right now, users could be more happy with the thousands of Android titles. This is a great initiative by BlueStacks and Mac/Windows users are already benefiting from it. Would the inclusion of Android apps on Windows RT have an effect on your overall opinion of the Windows RT platform? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: BlueStacks Support Forum
Via: Phone Arena

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