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Windows Phone Finally Gets a Fix to Provide Constant Wi-Fi Connectivity with Power Saving Enabled


Windows Phone has a few shortcomings. While Microsoft is doing everything it can to change that or at least make these shortcomings avoidable, there are a few that are stuck with the OS. One such glitch is the battery saving feature. While battery saving is quite essential if you want the device to be up and running for long periods of time, it also has a strange way of functioning. For one, whenever a user has battery saver turned on, it automatically turns off Wi-Fi when the device is locked or in sleep mode. This can be particularly annoying if you’re streaming music or probably chatting on Whatsapp or any such IM clients. It alternatively uses the mobile data instead, resulting in vast amounts of data being used without the user’s notice. But it seems as if Microsoft has decided to fix this annoying feature, although a little too late. Users expected this to be changed with WP8, but it wasn’t. However, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has now claimed that a fix to this particular feature is on its way. It is believed that HTC’s mid ranged Windows Phone 8S is the first to receive the update as evidenced by the image above, accessed by WP Central.

With this new feature, users can opt to have Wi-Fi running in the background even with the battery saving feature enabled. These changes can be made in the Wi-Fi settings rather than in the Battery Saver settings. When you think about it, it seems like a feature which should have existed right since day one. But it seems like Microsoft underestimated the amount of Wi-Fi usage from its users, which is silly really. Unfortunately, it seems like this feature could be limited to Windows Phone 8 devices only. So if you own one of those legacy Windows Phone devices, you’re bound for disappointment. It certainly isn’t a feature which is hardware driven, so we don’t understand why it shouldn’t be rolled out to older devices. Perhaps we could see the fix bundled with the Windows Phone 7.8 update scheduled for Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones. Regardless, the fix is a welcome addition to the OS. There are a few other flaws, as with any platform, and it is up to Microsoft and the manufacturers to work in close quarters to further improve the OS.

Considering how slow Microsoft is with update roll outs, we don’t expect it to hit all WP8 devices at once or anytime soon. But since it’s a rather minor update, we could be wrong. Microsoft has an update codenamed Apollo Plus for Windows Phone 8 devices. So maybe this fix could be onboard that update. Details are scarce, and what we have for now is merely an image of the HTC Windows Phone 8S showing the said fix. But that should be enough to confirm the authenticity of the fix.

Source: WP Central
Via: Phone Arena

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