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Windows Phone Developer Revenue Has Apparently Doubled After WP8


Windows Phone 8 has gotten off to a decent start, thanks to Nokia’s offerings, which by the means of aggressive marketing have impressed a fair share of users. Even HTC has built a certain amount of interest among the users with the 8X and 8S, which have seen launch in most major markets of the world. And now it seems like the Windows Phone team has some good news to share with the world, as Todd Brix who is the Senior Director of the Windows Phone Apps Team, gave out details about the growing app downloads and developer revenues. According to him, both have increased by “100%+” since the official launch of Windows Phone 8 in November. What this means is that users are finally taking interest in the Windows Phone operating system, which was desperately needed for Microsoft to sustain in the smartphone biz. Windows Phone 7 sparked a major revival in the WP arena, but nothing good came out of it, in terms of numbers at least, as users were more favorable towards iPhones and Android smartphones. What Mr. Brix fails to mention though, is if the numbers are in comparison to the previous month or since the inception of the new era of Windows Phones.

It is a minor achievement for Microsoft and its team, especially looking at the market which is crowded by Android and iOS devices. Developer support has always been crucial in the success of a new mobile operating system. WP7 had similar problems when it was launched in 2010, and the problem is still persistent in some cases, but this new development will surely excite the MS camp. Microsoft has gotten more lenient with WP8 OEMs by lifting a few of the restrictions that existed with WP7, in the process providing more freedom to the developers too. The numbers should increase as the days progress as this news will attract more developers towards WP8. Though the platform has its glitches, WP8 has evolved a fair bit from WP7 which should make it more appealing for the customers. This holiday season will be very crucial for WP8 partners like Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. Samsung was the first to announce a WP8 handset in the form of the Ativ S, although it hasn’t been launched in the market yet. There’s no word on when Huawei will launch its WP8 smartphone either. So as of now, it’s either the Lumia series or the HTC 8X/8S to choose from for the customers. App developers will only increase when consumer adoption increases, and that is possible only when there is plenty of choice for the customers. Microsoft will hope to see Samsung’s Ativ S arrive in the market in time for the holiday season.

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