Windows Phone 8 Software Update For The HTC 8X Beings To Roll Out


Windows Phone 8 is getting its very first OTA (Over the Air) software update. The first smartphone that will be receiving this update is the HTC 8X. Bringing the OS’ build number to 10211 (from 9905), the updates crushes the random reboot issue, fixes the Wi-Fi connectivity from previous versions of Windows Phone and brings a plethora of new features to the table.

Those who have used Windows Phone probably know what this annoying Wi-Fi tweak has been all about. After you upgrade to the latest version of Windows Phone 8, users of the device (HTC 8X in this case) have an option to have the Wi-Fi radio on their Windows Phone 8 device turned on constantly. Previous versions of Windows Phone turned off the Wi-Fi radio automatically while the device was in stand-by so that more battery life could be preserved. This upgrade is definitely most welcomed.

Some new text messaging features have been added to Windows Phone 8 too. While this isn’t something new for Android users, Windows Phone 8 users now have the ability to reject a call with a text message. There are two preset messages with room for you to add two of your very own custom messages. The text messaging app also allows users to save draft texts and the ability to select all messages to quickly delete them all (I’m actually a bit surprised the WP8 hasn’t had the ability to make draft texts until now).

Now we just need this to roll out to other devices as well! Has anyone with an HTC 8X gotten the update yet?

source: Phone Arena

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