Will there be a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sequel?

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After receiving lukewarm reviews from gaming communities, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (GRFS) video game that was based on Tom Clancy’s best-selling novel of the same title is most likely, to be getting a sequel. A user from Ubisoft’s forums posted a couple of days ago a photo of an alleged slide presentation from Ubisoft Kiev annual meeting showing that the team that developed GRFS is interested to work with Ubisoft on GRFS: Next project.

While every bit of information about GRFS: Next is based on rumors, one thing comes to mind why Ubisoft wants to release a follow-up. The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was a disaster and the company wants to redeem itself. The company has always been known to develop and publish top-notch video games. While the concept of GRFS is great, the development team failed to meet expectations.

The purported image (as shown above), however, shows that the team behind GRFS development does not see or feel what gamers say about the game. Instead, they give each other a pat on the back for producing a “really great game under tough working conditions.” Of course, they exerted a lot of efforts and faced a lot of pressures while developing the game. Seasoned gamers, however, believe that they haven’t given what was due for the title, thus, resulting to a game that is mediocre in any aspect.

Many believe that developers of GRFS have been working on tight timeline that resulted to a rushed development. Others, however, thinks the project didn’t have enough funds to cover expenses so there was only a smaller team of developers sharing ideas.

If GRFS: Next will soon be released as a follow-up, there is a possibility that it will end up like its predecessor simply because it will be developed by the same team. Not to mention that it will be a continuation of GRFS as what the title (Next) tells us.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft hasn’t issued a statement regard GRFS: Next.

[source: Ubisoft forums]

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  1. GRFS was a great shooter, my only complaint was the servers at times. Would much rather play GRFS over COD any day. Teamwork meant more. Can’t wait for GRSF:NEXT…

  2. Loved the campaign in GRFS to death, the gameplay mechanics in the campaign as well as the extremely realistic animations in the campaign and the cinematic gameplay style, its the only 3rd person shooter I like…bought GRFS on day 1 and will definitely do the same for this.

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