Websites Going Black For Sandy Hook Victims On Friday


The internet is looking to show tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook fiasco on Friday, December 21st at 9:30am EST. By installing a simple line of JavaScript code into your website, many websites are going black (much like the SOPA blackout) in support of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. This was inspired by Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy who is calling for a national moment of silence. Users on social media websites are also vowing that they will not be posting or tweeting to Facebook or Twitter. Those participating in this includes Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Britney Spears, Suze Orman, Tyler Florence, Goldie Hawn and Joe Montana. Over 100,000 people have pledged thus far.

If you’re the owner of a website you can be apart of the Web Moment of Silence by signing up here. You’ll receive an email containing the JavaScript code needed to black out your website.

While this “blackout” seems to have been inspired from the SOPA blackout, website functionality will not be blocked completely. The tribute message can easily be closed for readers to resume their regular browsing. People can also click a link embedded in the tribute message to find out how to help aid the campaign (this mainly involves signing a few petitions).

Being the owner of a website myself, I’ll be participating in this semi-blackout. What about you? Do you own a website? Are you going to be participating in this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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