Watch Apple Commercials Dating Back To 1977

As The Verge mentions, just about every new product that Apple launches seems to bring a new TV commercial with it. One YouTube user claims to have organized every single commercial that Apple has created in one single playlist. There are around 485 different commercials, as they go as far back as 1977 with the Apple II. While a lot of people in the mobile world have either sided with Apple with iOS or Google with Android, it’s still awesome to see a company’s history, I would say.

Some of the commercials that Apple launched way back when are definitely goofy, much less professional than they are today (although, I think we can all agree that the more recent Ear Pod commercial was quite comical). One of my favorites is the Macintosh commercial directed by Ridley Scott, and another being their Newton commercial from the mid-90’s. Some of the ads for the very first iPhone were pretty great as well. Regardless, there are a good 485 different commercials to sift through, and some of them are — as I mentioned earlier — really good.

As The Verge recommended, watching the really goofy ads from the 1980s is entirely worth it as well. It’s like the pot o’ gold you find at the end of the rainbow! Hit the source link below to be taken to the playlist directly!

On the topic of goofy ads from Apple, let us know what your favorite one is in the comments below!

source: YouTube
via: The Verge 

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