Virgin Mobile Lets Its Users Take The HTC 8S For A Test Drive In Canada

windows phone 8s

Virgin Mobile has thought of a way to give the HTC 8S a way so that it will benefit both the customer and the carrier. In Canada, Virgin Mobile is offers its subscribers a chance to take HTC’s new Windows Phone 8S for a test drive free of charge. They’re literally giving you a free Windows Phone 8S for a month. Anyone who is wanting to participate in this program will simply have to fill out a sign-up form. The candidates are then chosen by Virgin Mobile and will be given an 8S to try out for a month. How do they choose candidates though? That’s unknown, but I would assume they would take into consideration any debts owed, bills being paid on time and etc.

The big reason for handing out 8S smartphones for a month is mostly to generate feedback. In addition to that, testing the Windows Phone 8S will help Virgin Mobile promote the device on social networks and other through other forms of communication. Participants of this program are required to tips about the Windows Phone 8S on Twitter (it does not sound like Facebook or other social networks count for your posts). A minimum of four posts is required within the four week testing period. You even get rewarded for posting to Twitter about the Windows Phone 8S! Virgin Mobile will happily upgrade testers to the HTC Windows Phone 8S free of charge. Definitely not a bad deal for those who have wanted to get one of the new Windows Phone’s.

Customers who are interested can hit the source link below to be taken to the sign-up form.

source: Virgin Mobile
via: Phone Arena

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