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Twitter May Introduce Photo Filters In Mobile Apps

Rumors that Twitter would soon be offering its own photo filters started last month. The New York Times published an article where an anonymous source hinted at the possible new feature. According to the article, “The company’s V.I.T.’s, or Very Important Tweeters, as they are known internally, usually celebrities and media personalities, would be especially happy to see filters in the Twitter mobile apps.” “Most V.I.T.’s now use Instagram to take photos, and then share them on Twitter, where they often have a larger following.”

Now, that rumor is getting stronger and appears to be much closer to reality.

Reportedly, the company will try to get the new feature running in the upcoming weeks so that it can be used for photos taken during the holidays.

The holidays are often periods of a large number of photo uploads. A case in point would be Thanksgiving this year, when Instagram broke its own records. Reportedly, there were 200 images related to the national holiday that were shared per second on Instagram on said day.

It would be recalled that Instagram, the photo-sharing social network owned by Facebook, recently stated that it will cease supporting Twitter’s card functionality. In other words, Instagram photos will not appear on Twitter any longer as they did in the past. Said posts now only appear as links.

According to reports by All Things Digital and The Next Web, Twitter’s photo filters are already being previewed prior to their official introduction. Jack Dorsey, for instance, Twitter’s co-founder, appears to have used a Twitter filter in a photo that he recently posted. The photo is of a plane wing in black and white with some vignetting. Similar images were observed to have been posted by other Twitter employees, who appear to have access to a mobile app that comes with the filter feature.

The Next Web notes that Twitter’s filters are square in shape like the ones on Instagram. They have, however, a higher resolution.

Meanwhile, Twitter has not given any official statement regarding this possible offering.

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