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Tumblr App On Android Updated To Support Tablets


With the tablet market currently heated up, there’s very little to choose from when it comes to Android tablets and other competitive offerings (read: iPads). And one area where the iOS platform completely dominates Android is app support, where there are over 275,000+ apps written specifically for the iPad. This, in comparison to Android tablet apps which are merely blown up versions of the mobile app. But things have begun changing in the world of Android with Google now having its Nexus branded tablets in the market. Since the number of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 users are increasing, it was about time that app developers came up with tablet apps specifically for these devices. And now, the Tumblr app on Android has been updated to support bigger devices.

The app is a welcome addition from the previous iteration where it wasn’t all that great. However, this app too has a few shortcomings. For starters, it seems like Tumblr devs only had the Nexus 7 in mind when working on this new update, so any device with a display bigger than 7-inches would feature a not so great version of the app. Also, the new Tumblr update works only in portrait mode and there’s no landscape mode support. The recently updated Skype app also had a similar issue. So I guess it’s more of a norm to keep these things in mind when developing an app for bigger devices. Prior to this update, users heavily relied on third party Tumblr apps to satisfy their social networking needs on tablets.

Besides being tailored for 7-inch tablets, the new Tumblr app also comes with a few UI tweaks to make use of the screen real estate appropriately, although it’s indistinguishable. A new dedicated notifications icon can be spotted, which is a neat touch and gives easy access to all the notifications. That’s pretty much it really. And if you’re still not convinced with this official app update, you can always find a bundle of third party Tumblr apps which are supported by your tablet. A job half done, I would say as 10-inch tablets aren’t supported. But I’m guessing it’s under development and we should see one hitting the Play Store fairly soon.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Police

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