Top 5 Android Apps Of 2012


A lot of outstanding apps were released this year and it is extremely hard to narrow down the thousands of apps that were released to only a few. I’ve personally picked out my favorite releases that I now use on a day-to-day basis, even though there may be a ton more! You can check them out below!

Instagram — I was hesitant to add Instagram to the list, as it was already released on iOS long before it made its way to Android. Regardless, Instagram did release on the Play Store this year, and it is by far, my most used and favorite app on Android. It probably has a lot to deal with my love for taking pictures, but aside from that Instagram is one of the best photo apps available. The app has a very large array of filters to choose from with a few editing tools thrown in. Albeit the app could use more editing tools (a crop tool would be outstanding!), it is still one of the best out there.

Motiongraph — Sony’s Motiongraph app is wonderful. It allows you to take small videos and turn it into a gif with really handy editing tools. While motiongraph could use a few more features to add more appeal, its definitely one of the apps that I have been using daily.

Falcon Pro — Falcon Pro, as it says it is, is the ultimate twitter experience. There is no third-party twitter application that can even compare to how high quality this specific app is. As with anything, it does have its own shortcomings like the lack of functionality to sign into multiple accounts at once. Regardless, I’d even go as far as to say that Falcon Pro is much better than twitter’s own application. It is without a doubt worthy of being one of the best apps this year.

Shush! — Shush! is different from other phone silencers. You can set Shush! to shut your smartphone’s volume off for an allotted time. After the allotted time is up, Shush! will turn your smartphone’s volume to whatever you like. When you set the timer you can also set the volume you’d like it turn to after the timer is complete. Those who are in meeting or are going to movie can turn Shush! on for how long the meeting/movie lasts and have their smartphone automatically turn back to previous volume settings. Quite a handy tool.

MagicLocker — MagicLocker is a free app that will allow you to switch out your lock screen for another of your choosing. There are a very wide array of MagicLocker themes. The majority of the lock screen themes all have their own different way of unlocking your device. Not to mention that most of the MagicLocker themes have a lot of customizing options. So if you’ve gotten tired of your old lock screen you may just want to look at what MagicLocker has to offer!

Those are my top 5 apps for this year. Be sure to let us know the top five on your list in the comments section below!