Top 10 Things Every First-Time Android User Should Know

Choosing a new device or a new tablet is supposed to be a lot of fun. However, there are very many choices of phones and tablets out there, and as such, it may be quite difficult for one to know where to start. If you are deciding to buy an Android device, or if you have already acquired one, then there are some basic tips that you need to have before you can get started with your Android Smartphone or your tablet.

1.      What is Android?

What is Android in the first place? This is one of the questions that we should all be able to answer. Well, Android, like Windows and iOS, is an operating system. It is one of the newest OS that is being used in phones and tablets all over the world.

2.      Who Makes Android?

This is another thing that you need to know. Google makes Android. Most manufacturers of phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC and Motorola are now using Android on their phones. Android is also being used in cameras.

3.      Why is it that people are always talking about desserts in reference to Android?

Google names all the versions of their Android OS after desserts. As well as the regular versions, every time Google makes a significant update on their Android operating system, it names the update after a dessert. These dessert names run alphabetically, and as such, one can always keep track of the different versions of Android. Over the past few years, devices have run Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version of Android that is now running in the latest devices that are being released is Jelly Bean.

4.      Does Android have apps?

Yes .Android, just like iOS have apps. Android has a huge market of applications known as Google Play. This is where one can download books, music, movies as well as apps, all from one place. You can also get more apps from Amazon, who has its own app store for Android phones. This definitely offers you even more choice for your device.

5.      Can you use Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo Mail on Android Phones?

Well, you can use Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo as well as Gmail on your Android phone. This is possible because of the fact that every Smartphone that is released has Internet capabilities. Therefore, you can use these features on your Android phone.

6.      I have some music on iTunes. Can I listen to it on My Android phone?

Yes. It is possible for you to listen to your music that is in iTunes. You will only need to download a piece of software known as double twist. This will make it possible for you to install your iTunes music collection on your Android phone or tablet. The drag-and-drop method of file transfer will work with this app.

7.      My friend has a phone from Samsung. My Android Phone is From Motorola. Why does Android Look a bit different on our phones?

The reason why Android may look different on different phones is that Google makes the Android software and then lets hardware manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung to install it on their phones as well as tablets. The device manufacturers use design tweaks known as skins and this makes the different devices look different even though they are all on Android.

8.      Widgets? What are widgets in Android?

Widgets are one of the favorite features of Android. They are mostly used to display information as well as to save power. Widgets are like snapshots of applications on your phone’s or device’s home screen. Widgets can display things like how much data you have used in a month or they can also show more complex things like your Facebook news feed. Widgets will also let you know about the weather conditions as well as let you know when you have a new email message.

9.      Do I need a Google account to use Android?

Yes. Just like one needs an Apple ID to use an iDevice, you will also need a Google account for you to be able to use Android. However, you do not need to use your Google account on a daily basis for you to use Android. Google’s software and cloud services are integrated with Android and as such, one really must have an active Google account for them to enjoy use of Android.

10. What is the easiest way to move all my contacts onto my phone?

Well, you can enter them as contacts into Gmail. These will be automatically synced to your phone. You can also transfer the saved numbers off your SIM card.

These are some of the basic things that one should know when they acquire a new Android phone or device. There are many other things that one needs to know as well so that they can be able to enjoy the features of their Android phones or tablets.

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